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Mirova launches Gender Equality Fund

Mirova, a sustainable investment subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers, has approved its “Women Leaders Equity Fund” for distribution. The fund invests globally in companies that actively promote gender equality in their area of responsibility.

The gender inequality in working life is considered one of the key barriers to development of high-performing societies worldwide. Equality between men and women in business is therefore one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Mirova’s thematic fund, managed by Soliane Varlet, supports this goal by constructing a gender-friendly equity portfolio of around 250 stocks.

Fund Manager Soliane Varlet

New thematic fund
All stocks that form the fund’s portfolio undergo a quantitative and qualitative analysis procedure. The quantitative selection process identifies, among other things, the percentage of women in management positions and the ratio of women in management positions to the total number of female workers. The qualitative analysis also looks at how seriously a company actually takes on promoting female employees. Criteria here are, for example, the existence of special support programs, salary transparency, or the provision of measures to alleviate the classical double burden of women as mothers and employees.

Value-creating equality
From an economic perspective, the Mirova Women Leaders Equity Fund is based on the realization that the active implementation of gender equality can also bring economic benefits. “Both institutional investors and private individuals are increasingly looking for investment solutions that can have a targeted social or environmental impact, taking into account clear economic criteria,” said Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova. “Strategies that focus on gender equality fit perfectly into this pattern of aspirations.” Through a partnership with UN Women, a United Nations gender equality and empowerment agency, the Women Leaders Equity Fund also supports women’s advancement.

Chart: Equity portfolio development by percentage of women in leadership positions
More women in management positions, more performance

The Mirova Women Leaders Equity Fund is a sub-fund of Mirova Funds, organized as a SICAV under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and authorized by the Financial Regulator (CSSF) as a UCITS fund.
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Dr. Kurt Becker ist editor in chief for the financial magazine „Institutional Money“.

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