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Jobs in Asset Management offer more than you think

Having a job in the financial industry feels like working in a “Wolf of Wall Street” atmosphere? You may find some tough investment bankers, agreed. However, in asset management, we put the investor first and sustainability is an integral part of our work.

It is true that you will still find more men than women working here. We want to change that and want to introduce you to different jobs within the asset management industry. There are many interesting roles, opportunities for sustainable change and what matters most when choosing your profession, having fun and being passionate about what you do. Get to know the asset management industry with its exciting job opportunities for women!

Current news: Workshop for young professionals

Female students are invited to participate in our first workshop for young professionals as part of our annual event “Fondsfrauen Gipfel“. You can learn first-hand about career opportunities in asset management and get to know future employers in our speed-dating format. Entry is free of charge for you.

When: 28. Januar 2020 starting at 11 am
Where: Mannheim, Leonardo Royal Hotel

Check out all the details here: Fondsfrauen Gipfel: Workshop for young professionals


Please register yourself free of charge here. We look forward to meeting you!

Are you interested in:

Ist das Asset Management für Dich geeignet?
Helping investors achieve their financial goals?
With just € 25 private investors can invest in mutual funds and have access to returns that are far above interest rates of a traditional savings account
Balancing your life and work goals?
Flexible working hours or advancing your career while working part-time is not unusual
Well-paid, interesting job opportunities in an international environment, providing various career paths?
Asset managers operate globally, often with offices in major international cities with excellent starting salaries.
Direct and measurable results of your work that prove your worth and are clearly verifiable with numbers?
Portfolio managers demonstrate their know how on a daily basis, having clear benchmarks to show their results.
Having a positive impact on society with your job?
Living sustainably and being environmentally conscious is important to you. Investments are sustainable too and are becoming increasingly popular in asset management.

A career in asset management may be the perfect choice for you!

Asset Management - Was ist das genau?

What do we do in Asset Management?

Fund companies or asset managers invest money on behalf of investors in well-regulated pools of money called mutual funds, investment funds or Unit Trusts. Thousands of funds exist that have different return and risk characteristics. The goal of most funds is to have a high return while keeping investment risk at a minimum.

Funds may invest in stocks, bonds, money markets, or real estate for example. Traditional investment funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are strongly regulated products that are available to private and institutional investors (i.e. insurance firms, pension plans). You may have heard of hedge funds or private equity funds too. These are primarily marketed to institutional investors.

Funds and ETFs are ideal to help investors reach their financial goals. Goals may be to complement your retirement income, build your own home or to finance your children’s education. There is a fund for every need! Funds are sold at banks, direct banks or via financial advisors. They may also be part of life insurance products or a digital offerings like a robo-advisor.

Meet the Women in Asset Management

Are you curious to see what a job in asset management is like on a daily basis? We regularly speak with women in our industry. Read more what these women have to say about their roles, careers and how they balance family and job demands.

Katrina Dudley

“We want our daughters to have the same chances as our sons”, fund manager Katrin Dudley, New York.

Wilma de Groot

“Research attracted me to asset management”, Wilma de Groot, Head of Research, Amsterdam

Khongorzul Tudev

Newcomer Khongorzul Tudev, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Zurich

Read more interviews here.

Welche Jobs gibt es im Asset Management?

Interesting Jobs in Asset Management

Here is a short overview of some exciting jobs:

Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Analyst
  • Trader

Product Development

  • Research
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing




  • Sales for an Asset Manager or a Bank
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Financial Advisor

Traditional jobs like marketing, human resources, IT, administration can also be found in asset management.

Apply for an internship and get to know us!

What can you expect to earn?

Entry-level salaries range between 45.000 and 65.000 Euro per year. Your first pay depends on the type of degree you hold (Bachelor or Master), if you have some job experience such as an internship, and it depends on the renumeration practices at your potential employer. Generally speaking, you should be able to earn € 90.000 p.a. in Germany once you have about 2 years of work experience.

between 45.000 and 65.000 Euro per year*

*Entry-level salaries in Germany

What Qualifications are required for a Career in Asset Management?

A number of university studies are relevant. Master or Bachelor students focused on traditional finance-oriented studies such as business, economics or math are no surprise. If you are studying medicine or history, you may want to take a closer look too. Our industry needs diverse views when analyzing a pharmaceutical company for example or in assessing how societal changes affect a corporation.

Welche Qualifikationen benötige ich für eine Karriere im Asset Management?
Interessiert? Wir wollen Dich kennenlernen!

Are you interested?
We want to meet you!

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