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With Jennifer Morgan we are losing an important female role model – for now!

Jennifer Morgan was the first female CEO at a DAX company. It was only in October 2019 that she and Christian Klein were chosen as the leadership-double by Europe’s largest software company SAP. In an interview shortly after her promotion, she said: “One of my goals will be to enable more female managers at SAP and around the world.”

And now: she had to step down!

In the current corona crisis, speed, clarity and determined action are “urgently needed”, wrote Hasso Plattner (76), chairman of the supervisory board, to SAP employees. In the future, Christian Klein will direct the fortunes of the Walldorf-based company alone as CEO of the company.

We do not know the real reasons for Morgans’ expulsion, and we will probably never find out. As obvious as it is that coordination between two executives can be lengthy and perhaps even exhausting, it is unfortunate that we have so far not been able to find out why the male half of the former double head remains, and the female half had to resign.

After all, SAP is a company that encourages women to move forward. “Today, the board of the most valuable DAX company consists of 25% woman, the supervisory board is 60% female, a quarter of the management positions are held by women,” wrote Spiegel Wirtschaft in October 2019, when the double leadership Klein / Morgan was announced.

It should be noted: We are losing an important female role model at top management level of a leading German company … at least for the time being, because we still have a lot of confidence in Jennifer Morgan and are curious what she will do next.

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